Stir Fried Rice

This is really just my version of what I think I heard one day on the Food Network. (But don’t hold me to that.). Either way, my family likes it and it’s a great way to use up leftover meat and veggies you might have lying around.

This is a really easy dish to pull together, but it takes a bit of planning, inasmuch as you have to make the rice then, or make it the night before.  It’s really better to let the rice get sticky overnight by making it the day ahead. (Great idea if your already making something with rice the day before.).

I usually just reach to the freezer to see what frozen veggies I have available. Broccoli, corn, green beans are all good choices. Really, if you like it, it’ll be good in the rice. Then check out the fridge, do you have some veggies in there that need to be used? Zucchini? Mushrooms? Onion? Tomatoes? Yeah, this is that kind of recipe. Get the fresh veggies chopped up into smaller pieces and thaw any veggies that you’ve gotten out of the freezer.

Get out your BIG pan. You don’t have to have a wok, but something that’s going to let you maneuver the ingredients around after it’s all combined is really what your looking for. I have a wok-like sauce pan that I use for this recipe and it works well, but I’ve also used a stock pan with success (the stock pan just makes it harder to stir everything).

If you’re going to add meat (chicken or shrimp are my favorites) I’d cook them up now. If you’re doing chicken breasts, smash them up with a mallet, but that’s not necessary. If you use the mallet, cover the breast with saran-wrap so you don’t have chicken breast all over the kitchen. If you don’t have a mallet, no worries. Just cube the chicken up (after its thawed just a little, but not entirely – strictly for ease of cutting). I add just a tad of oil (vegetable) to the pan to cook up the meat. When it’s nearly done, I add the vegetables and get them happy.

When that’s done, I start the magic. You’ll need soy sauce (leaded or unleaded sodium content), rice wine vinegar and sugar. I start with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce into the veggies/meat mixture, about 1 teaspoon of rice wine vinegar, and a big pinch (1 teaspoon) of sugar. When you’ve gotten that mixed into the veggies, add the rice. You’re going to need to add more soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, but that will be based on your personal preference.

For instance, at our house, I’m pretty sensitive to the salt in the soy sauce, but my husband and daughter think “the more the merrier!”. So I flavor it to my tastes (the mildest in the family) and put the soy sauce on the table. One of the ways I can tell when it’s close is when it begins to ‘look’ browner. That means, I’ve gotten enough soy sauce in it. It shouldn’t be a full-on shade of chocolate, but a tinge of brown isn’t bad.

Feel free to adjust the rice wine vinegar and sugar, but go slowly on them. Especially the sugar. It isn’t candy, but the sugar brings out some of the natural favors.

With that, you’re done! This is an easy meal for our family to make (and eat). Happy Times!

Stir Fried Rice


1-2 T. vegetable oil
any type of meat (and as much or as little as you choose)
any type of veggie (and as much or as little as you choose)
4 c. cooked rice (make before hand or night before)
2 T. soy sauce
1 T. rice wine vinegar
1 T. sugar
1 egg


Heat a large wok/pan to medium-high.  Add vegetable oil.  When heated quickly cook the meat.  Remove from pan.  Next, saute veggies (add oil if needed).  Remove from pan (or shift to the sides).  Crack and scramble egg in a bowl and pour into the center of the pan.  Cook the egg and then add meat and vegetables in to the pan.  Add cooked rice and mix together.  Begin adding soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sugar to taste.


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