Everything’s larger in Texas.  That includes me.

I live big.
I dream big.
I laugh big.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with the world.  I’m a mommy to three beautiful kiddos, wife to an incredibly smart (shy) man, a full-time, outside-the-home worker bee, and I try to volunteer in our church and our schools.

I’ve worked in higher education (colleges and universities) since graduating from West Texas A&M University in 1996.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on Speech/Public Relations.  After graduation I took my first job at a community college in Odessa, Texas.  God had a plan for moving me to the desert, both spiritually, romantically, and professionally.

In 2000, I moved back to Canyon to work at my alma mater, WTAMU.  In 2002, I accepted a position at Amarillo College (where I’m presently employeed).

In those years I’ve worn many hats – but the students never change.  They still need to be motivated, encouraged, and yes, often pushed out of the nest.  Becoming a mommy has helped me refine and hone those pushing skills (just a little further…).

I have earned a Master’s of Education from Texas Tech University.  I am also ‘ABD’ on my doctorate (but that’s another story).


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