Cutie Pie Canning Jar Pies

These are easy, fun and delicious. Four Pins!

This was the first time I’d tried anything in a canning jar, so I was a tad bit nervous. But, hello, I was missing a whole side of the food storage world! It’s not just about plastic in the land-fill. It’s also about how grandma used to keep things together!

This recipe is an easy alternative to keeping full pies in the freezer, and selfishly, it helps with portion control. I’d much rather eat away at a whole pie. But with these little doozies, I just eat what I have!

The hardest part is getting the whole jar sprayed with cooking spray and then ‘stuffing’ the pie crust down in there. Perfectionists be warned. It’s not going to look perfect – but it’s the charm that counts!


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