DIY Ice Pack

Since I run, I occasionally need an ice pack for a muscle that didn’t enjoy the workout. When I found this post on Pinterest, I was thrilled!

But, when I made my own version, I was sorely disappointed in its ability to serve the purpose. Because of that, I give it 1 pin.


I put the smaller bag mixture of rubbing alcohol and Dawn together and sealed the bag well. I then (thankfully) put the smaller freezer bag inside another, larger freezer bag. I labeled the smaller bag – TOXIC! Because I could just see a kid deciding it was a new fangled Popsicle.

I let it chill out in the garage freezer and pulled it out as I say down for the evening. Wrapped in a towel I thought everything was good to go – until several minutes later, I felt the mixture running down my leg from my knee.

Somehow the mixture had escaped not only one, but two! freezer bags! :/

It didn’t cost much, but I would have loved for the process to actually work. Some of the comments on the actual link recommended super-glueing the zip-lock bag top. Ummm, I don’t care how careful I am with that stuff, I usually end up getting ‘attached’ to the project.

I guess I’ll just have to get the adult-size alcoholic version of the Capri-Sun. It can thaw a bit while I prepare to drink its deliciousness. No? Bad choice?

Run on.


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