Kid-friendly Fourth of July Dessert

This previously published post earns a three on the pin-scale.

Our local store had strawberries on sale, so I grabbed several pounds worth, then I picked up some white chocolate bark and melted about half of it (one minute in my microwave). I grabbed the blue sprinkles from Wal-Mart during an earlier trip (in anticipation!).

Madeline had been really keen to have some covered strawberries so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for her to get some kitchen experience.

She rinsed all of the strawberries, then laid them out to dry off.

She then dipped the strawberries first into the white chocolate and then into the blue sprinkles.

Aren’t they precious! She did such a good job!

I keep thinking how cute these would be as an Easter Sunday craft (with a different colored sprinkle or a variety). The kids would have a blast making and eating them.

Now, off to the parade in Canyon!

PS – for breakfast I served home-made blueberry muffins in red and white paper liners.

Great – Red, White and Blue before they’ve left for the parade! Right?

Except, I think I’m the only one who got the red, white and blue reference.


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