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Your Lenten Fast?

As a Methbyterian (Methodist/Presbyterian), I am pretty comfortable with the idea of Lent.
 The 40 days prior to Easter is called Lent. These days are set aside by many Christians as a time to prepare for the sacrifice of the perfect offering. Forty days is a big deal in the Bible.
 Most people fast during Lent. The basic idea of fasting is to abstain from something as a sacrifice. For some, they fast from food or certain foods, or from certain luxuries. I know of one who will spend lent working on a more positive language tone. Whatever your fast looks like, it’s typically a time to refocus on God’s truth in our lives.
 So today as I get my ashes, I’ll be focusing on preparing my heart for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But I will also be working on cleaning out my body!
 I’ll be giving up sweets as my fast. By sweets, i mostly mean the things I now crave: candy bars and cokes. It’s all in an effort to focus back on what matters. Some will say, “That’s just a weight loss thing.” Yes but it’s also something that helps me focus on what’s important in my life. I believe as I regain control over this, I’ll see my control come back in other areas as well.
 I tend to have an obsessive personality. Meaning, I can get pretty laser beam focused on a project. When that focus wanes, it might as well disappear. My faith walk and health walk have both slipped and it’s time to center back on them.
 So, I’ll be focusing on getting my brain back into devotionals. With a crazy life, it’s challenging, but, it has to happen. I can’t live without the big guy’s guidance. And, I’ll quit trying to self-medicate with sweets.
 So, do you celebrate Lent? If so, what is your fast?
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Motivation #1

Sent to me by my rascally little brother just before I ran my first race on Friday.

Remember why you started.


Running – WIN!

Being supported in this endeavor is one of the best things in the world.

After my super sweet husband read my last post he searched for some motivating photos to hang on my inspiration board.

The inspiration board is really just the wall space in front of the dread-mill where I’ve posted unique sayings, photos of where I want to be, etc.

Here’s the most motivational photo up there currently:

The reason it’s the most motivational?

  1. I don’t lift my knees when I run.  Seeing this reminds me to stretch out and use all of the legs God gave me.
  2. I can’t order this outfit, yet, because they don’t make it in tent size.

So to this, Jay added these photos…

I instantly felt convicted of my lack of effort.

And then, this one.

I laughed and felt all giddy about the JOY found in running.

So last night, I jumped, ever so grumpily, onto Moxie the dread-mill and began week 5 day 1 of Couch-to-5K.  I backed up a week to make up for my lack of running in the past few weeks.

I did the first and second 5 minute run at a 4.0.  I was really working to use my whole leg while I ran.  Using the length of my legs to help speed up the pace.  It ramped up my breathing as well.

Also, I didn’t realize how bothersome a running nose could be while attempting to breath through it.

One the last 5 minute run, I really struggled.  I should have remembered this graphic

Instead, I took a breather rest with 2 minutes remaining.  Once I got my wind back, I started out again.

Strangely, 4.0 felt a tad bit slow.  So I upped it to 4.2, then 4.5, all the way to 4.8.  While the 4.8 wasn’t for a great length of time (we’re talking seconds here people), it was good to really feel the stretch of my legs and realize that my breathing was keeping pace with what I was asking my body to do.  I was pleased overall with the experience – especially since I didn’t know WHAT to expect from this first run back.

And now for the moment of TMI – I blew my nose three times in my running shirt.  My friend Les says that’s my ‘athlete rite of passage.’  That, and my underwear falling down while I run by unsuspecting neighbors.

Run on.